Lee Taylor operates an Intown Atlanta and Decatur real estate practice, and he has attended over 300 real estate closings in his career.

Lee began his full time real estate agency practice in April 2004. Many people connect him with the name "Intown Insider" which is the name of his
blog, and his twitter handle @intowninsider...

Lee lives on the Western edge of
where Decatur meets Atlanta.

Lee has been in professional sales since 1988, is a former
US Army officer, a Desert Storm veteran, a leading salesman for Centimark Roof Systems for most of the 1990's and an involved Intown Atlanta neighbor since 1998.

Lee graduated from
Furman University, earned an ROTC scholarship, and grew up in Greenville, South Carolina.

Lee loves sales, marketing, negotiation, real estate business referrals from loyal clients and trusted friends, a good bit of yoga, live rock and roll, and most importantly, Fatherhood.

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