Stephanie Manitt

I will forever be in debt to Lee Taylor with The Rootdown Group. I would never have been able to get through my “first home” buying experience without his assistance. Being a single woman this was a big step for me. Lee approached my situation with gusto, passion and a positive attitude. When things were getting me down, Lee was there to make all wrongs right and with a good pat on the shoulder he let me know everything would be ok. I felt as if Lee was personally concerned for my well being and was there through all steps of the buying process, he even donned on a jumpsuit and scurried into my crawl space with the home inspector to make sure everything was ok. You show me another real estate agent that does that! I would whole heartedly recommend The Rootdown Group to anyone. Please call me at 404-944-7555, if you have questions.

Candace Thurmond

"I was a particularly difficult client and I had a Buckhead condo that would not sell.  After having my condo on the market for over a year, I was very frustrated and I distrusted realtors.  A friend referred me to Lee Taylor and told me that I would not be disappointed.  In keeping with being a difficult client I wanted to do everything my way and I would not listen to differing points of view.  Lee was very honest with me about my options and asked me to trust him.  He said he would rather turn down my business before he let me make unwise and uninformed decisions.  I trusted Lee and within weeks my condo was sold!  Lee "gets it" and aside from that he is just a great person.  I would encourage you to consider using Lee Taylor and The Rootdown Group, he will not disappoint."  Please call me at 404-355-5244, if you have questions.

Dr. Naveen and Dr. Shiny Narahari

You certainly are deserving of a robust clientele and outlook because
you do not chance things but rather work very hard to
obtain desired outcomes for your clients.

Shiny and I still have many aquaintances and
friends in Atlanta and as you already know, you are on
the "short list" when we need to recommend a Realtor.

Needless to say Shiny and I appreciate greatly your perseverence in selling the condo, and our house.

Dr. Naveen Narahari [email protected] or [email protected]